Prohibited foods for high blood pressure

There are some foods that are prohibited for high blood pressure, since people who suffer from this hypertension pathology must be very careful with their diet. Which must be combined with the intake of medications indicated by the doctor.

What is hypertension?


Hypertension is a disease defined as high pressure in blood circulation through the blood vessels. There are different elements that can affect blood pressure, such as the medications you take, the physical activity you do, or of course, the eating routine you have.

Some foods prohibited for high blood pressure


For people who suffer from this pathology, there are some prohibited foods for high blood pressure that you should avoid consuming or eat very casually or sporadically. Among them are those that have a high sodium content, such as the following:

Dairy products: You should especially avoid the consumption of cheeses, the more cured they are, the worse, as well as spreadable ones, processed ones, among others.

Spicy and very fatty foods: You must be very careful with the intake and preparation of fatty meats, charcuterie, cured or smoked foods, processed foods, organ meats, cold cuts, pâtés, seafood, sausages, preserves, frozen foods, fish, etc.

Cereals, potatoes and legumes: As in the previous case, you have to consume in a moderate way and as natural as possible. It is advisable that you avoid chips, pastries, frozen and preserved foods, snacks, etc.

Vegetables and vegetables: They can be consumed as long as they are not seasoned or preserved, for example, like tomato sauces.

Fruits: You can eat them in their natural state, but without additives such as seasoned or in syrup, candied or jammed.

Drinks: Avoid carbonated drinks and especially cola-type soft drinks. Drink a lot of water.

Fat: Do not consume different fatty products such as bacon, tallow, butter, lard, salty margarines, among others.

Several products: It is advisable that you do not eat pickled appetizers such as capers or olives. Avoid nuts, commercial sauces such as mayonnaise, mustard, pre-cooked soups, bouillon cubes, among others.

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